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My Story

Elena Bernasconi-Tabellini

 Elena Bernasconi - Tabellini

Communication has always been my passion and my area of study. Despite considering myself a communication expert, I found myself ensnared in draining relationships and a job that drained my spirit, all while dealing with a severe skin illness. It took me far too long to realize the depth of my unhappiness and disconnection from my own needs. Fortunately, during my tenure at the bank where I worked, I stumbled upon Nonviolent Communication. At that time, I was expecting my first daughter. This served as a powerful motivation to delve deeper into my unhappiness and address the skin disease that plagued me. This marked the beginning of a profound journey toward understanding my emotions and needs.

The initial years of parenting were a challenging yet enlightening phase for me. They taught me invaluable lessons in setting clearer boundaries, advocating for myself, and embracing the joy of life through play. The severe illness my first daughter faced and the arrival of my second daughter became a catalyst for my personal growth, leading me to make radical choices in my personal and professional path.

After steering a global association for nearly seven years, I made the bold decision to resign and dedicate my life wholly to championing the importance of empathy. My dream is to spread empathy across the world, above all among parents, teachers and school directors, and contribute to nurturing a compassionate world for our future generations.

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