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Mastering Parental Anger: Your Surprising


Join me on a Journey, 
Back to Empathy!


Join me on a transformative journey to rediscover the profound impact of Empathy in our lives. As a certified trainer and coach in Nonviolent Communication with 13 years of experience, I've personally witnessed the incredible power of Empathy.

Empathy is more than just a concept: it's the foundation of authentic connections and deeper understanding. In a divided world, Empathy celebrates the beauty of diversity and promotes conversations that unite instead of divide.


My commitment to promoting Empathy in Future Generations spans various areas: working with parents, caregivers, schools, couples, and beyond.


I firmly believe that Empathy holds the key to healing, uplifting, and revolutionising lives. This is why I'm so passionate about what I do and why I offer trainings and coaching on Empathy.

I invite you to join me on this journey Back To Empathy. Together, let's spread the transformative power of Empathy and weave its magic into the fabric of our lives.

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Forest Walking
We learned to manage daily stress and anger

"Participating in the parenting trainings had a positive impact on our family. Initially skeptical, my husband greatly appreciated the experience and even suggested attending the second meeting. Just after the first session, we learned to manage our daily stress more effectively. Understanding and recognizing our needs as the root cause of many frustrating situations helped us understand each other better and support each other more. We are learning to improve communication between us and avoid repeating the same mistakes. Your sessions also helped us better understand our anger and how to handle it, enabling us to be better parents. Incredible progress in a short time.

Thank you for your support!"

Daniela, mother and professional, Switzerland

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